How to light up your rides

At CycleFox, we want cycling to be easy and convenient. Check out this list of amazing partners and useful accessories.

Great Cargo Bikes for Families

Considering a cargo bike for your family but not too sure where to start? Here is a list comparing the main features of the most popular cargo bikes.

London to Paris Bike Ride

A 5 step guide to help you organise your London to Paris trip . More fun and much easier than you think.

Cycling Calories

Let’s take a look at what happens to the body during a cycle ride and what happen to calories during a ride.

Cycling When Pregnant

Cycling during pregnancy generates lots of questions. Here is a clear guide and links to other sources to help you decide.

Canal Riding Tips

Top tips for riding along canals Written by Anna Hughes, @eatsleepcycle This blog is part…

Why do bicycle tyres lose air?

photo credit: Wouter de Bruijn via photopin (license) Why do bicycle tyres lose air? It’s…

How to teach a child to ride a bike

There can be a lot of fear and worry amongst parents and children when teaching…

Route Planning

photo credit: Brian Lane Winfield Moore Mapping with Hyde via photopin (license) By Will Embliss…

Choosing a bicycle for your child

By Will Embliss There are many different styles of bikes for children on the market…

Riding as a family

By Will Embliss photo credit: Dis da fi we (was Hickatee) Sunday cycling – Paseo…

Don’t let rain put a dampener on your cycling

5 tips for cycling in the rain


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