London to Paris Bike Ride

A 5 step guide to help you organise your London to Paris trip . More fun and much easier than you think.

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Cycling calories | CycleFox Blog

Cycling Calories

Let’s take a look at what happens to the body during a cycle ride and what happen to calories during a ride.

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cycling whilst pregnant, the definitive guide

Cycling When Pregnant

Cycling during pregnancy pregnant generates lots of questions. Here is a clear guide and links to other sources to help you decide.

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Canal riding tips | CycleFox

Canal Riding Tips

Top tips for riding along canals Written by Anna Hughes, @eatsleepcycle This blog is part…

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Flat tyre by Wouter de Bruijn | CycleFox

Why do bicycle tyres lose air?

photo credit: Wouter de Bruijn via photopin (license) Why do bicycle tyres lose air? It’s…

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How to teach a child to ride a bike

There can be a lot of fear and worry amongst parents and children when teaching…

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Route Planning

photo credit: Brian Lane Winfield Moore Mapping with Hyde via photopin (license) By Will Embliss…

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Choosing a bicycle for your child

By Will Embliss There are many different styles of bikes for children on the market…

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Riding as a family

By Will Embliss photo credit: Dis da fi we (was Hickatee) Sunday cycling – Paseo…

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