100 Women in Cycling

Meet the inspiring women who made the list in 2018 for Cycling UK’s 100 women in Cycling.

Cycling Towards Happiness | June 2018

Our little team are working hard to bring you some interesting stuff each month.

Community News | April 2018

It’s spring! Finally. Find out what’s been happening in the CycleFox community and check out the awesome deals from our partners.

Healthy School Streets

Healthy School Streets was the occasion to learn more about how to make our roads safer. A seminar hosted by London Cycling Campaign.

Cycling Towards Happiness | March

We have put together some of the interesting stuff we’ve stumbled across in the past…

CycleFox Christmas Market

Sunday 10th December from 2pm at the Canvas Cafe – Free Entry, stalls, festive treats, Christmas movies, crafts, great company and mulled wine!

Laid Back Holidays

Do something different this summer with the children and ride through Battersea Park on a recumbent.

Cycling Meditation

Ride yourself calm with cycling meditation and reap the health benefits of cycling physically as well as mentally.

No such thing as a free lunch?

The final stage As the Tour de France draws to a close, join the team…

Founding Members

Learn about our founding members programme, with FREE membership for life.

Canal Blog

Canal Blog This is the first instalment of a series of posts by Anna Hughes,…

The Slow Rise of Cargo Bikes

A look at the growing number of cargo bikes in the UK. Find out more about them, where to buy and hire one.


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