100 Women in Cycling

The list, honouring 100 women in cycling, was finally revealed last week. The theme, this year for Cycling UK’s annual event was ‘breaking the mould’. Put this into context of the existing wide gender gap, as amongst women, 70% do not cycle, this list certainly shows that it is not down to not wanting to!

These women come from all walks of life, some cycle for fun, for sports and others for practical reasons such as dropping and picking up their kids to and from school. The majority enjoys the freedom a bicycle gives you. This year also marks the anniversary of women’s vote which was finally achieved in 1918 with the passing of the Representation of the People Act. The bicycle also had a bit of an celebration as in June, we marked the 200th anniversary of the first British bicycle patent.

Julie Rand, Cycling UK’s Co-ordinator of the Women’s Festival of Cycling that followed the event said: “This diverse group of women have all demonstrated in different ways how cycling benefits people’s lives, and they deserve to be recognised and celebrated.”

Key to cycling potential

The list is a compilation of some inspiring women. It highlights that all too often and despite being out there, women are missing in the discussion about cycling.  It is generally accepted that women hold one of the few keys to unlocking the potential of cycling as mass transport in the UK. This is due to the fact for the vast majority of families, they are still the main carer for their children. This present many opportunities for cycling to be incorporated in the daily routine: from schoolrun to socialising with other families during the pre-school years.

Among those amazing women, we were delighted to see Alix Stedwick, the founder of Carry Me Bikes, one of our partners.  Alix has made Hackney better acquainted with cargo bikes as she helps residents and businesses access them. Alix also co-runs the Family Cycling Library. She is a active campaigner and advocate for better cycling provision for all, starting with children and families.

Catch a glimpse, in the video below, of the wonderful women who are breaking the mould!

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