What is Cycle Your Heart Out?

Cycle your heart out was founded by Sarah, who’s been creating heart shaped cycle routes around the world since 2011. Having rediscovered the magical feeling of being back on a bicycle, she’s now committed to inspire more people to get on two wheels.

Hyde Park heart shaped route

Check out this great heart route Sarah found around London’s Hyde Park.  At only 5.42km long, this cute little heart route is perfect for anyone looking for a nice gentle traffic-free ride in London. The only thing you need to look out for is the squirrels! Don’t have a bike? Or maybe don’t fancy riding your bike into central London? Then pick up a fab hire bike in the park and simply drop it off when your done. We’ve added some of Sarah’s awesome photographs from this ride below.

Create your own cycle shaped heart route

Here is what Sarah says about heart shaped routes:

“The positive energy created whilst cycling a heart shaped route is a fun, active and powerful way to follow your heart. Your heart routes don’t need to be perfect, neither do they have to go along the most scenic paths… because neither does life, it’s full of unpredictable surprises”.

Sarah has created a step by step video guide to creating your own heart shaped cycle route. The first video is below, head across to www.cycleyourheartout.com to watch the full series.

Cycle Your Heart Out


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